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Affirmations for Wealth and Prosperity


As Wayne Dyer says, echoing a wisdom found in many spiritual traditions, “What we think about expands.” It is this simple principle that forms the underpinning for the concept of utilizing affirmations for wealth to help you attain your success goals.

Wealth affirmations are positive statements you make to yourself with the purpose of generating precisely that reality in your everyday life.

There is ample precedent in all the world religions for affirmations which are evidenced through prayers, mantras, and chanting. Although the terminology or the form may differ slightly from one culture or religion to another, affirmations can and do create a space in us through which creations can manifest.

Creative visualizations are a Western model which utilizes a more science-based approach. Within this structure, change is seen as a process of harnessing the power of imagination in various ways with affirmations as the major tool to set the desired intentions into motion. Affirmations for wealth can be utilized to open the mind to positive feelings, and thus positive outcomes.

Affirmations for Wealth, the 5 rules to create them

Specifically, then, wealth affirmations are statements constructed and used to open the mind to accept the reality of abundance in one’s life. There are only a few “rules,” but they are worth noting, so that the process becomes more enjoyable, and ultimately more effective for the user.

  1. Any phrasing that can be construed as negative will not function optimally. “I won’t have to worry about money anymore” focuses on worry. Wealth affirmations should be created by the user, something like “I have a calm and steady flow of abundance into my life” is more to the point. And something like “I will fear risk less in the future” should be replaced with, “I am safe and secure in my investment strategies.
  2. Tense is also a vital part of the wealth affirmation process. Affirmations for prosperity and wealth should always be stated in the present tense. We want the energy of the better world activating right now, and seeing abundance now is the only way to remain open to that energy on an ongoing basis. Central to successful affirmation is the idea that a new energy is already here or at least arriving.
  3. Personalization is also paramount. The words must be our own, in order to be felt deeply enough to reach that subconscious window and open it fully. Examples are useful, and research will yield some powerful choices, but the final words must resonate as something meaningful for you.
  4. Methods for using the sentences or phrases should vary. Saying “I am open to receiving an abundant flow of wealth” out loud several times in a row is a powerful place to start, but also writing sentences out engages another part of the psyche, and as such it will trigger another level of acceptance. If we sing, we can sing the words. If we sew, we can embroider them. You want to saturate your thinking on as many levels as possible with the most positive affirmations for wealth possible.
  5. Repetition is a very important key, and variety will engage all aspects of your mind. The point is to work out various ways of hammering the thoughts into your awareness.

Examples of Affirmations for Wealth

The goal is utter belief and gratitude for prosperity in the here and now. Here are some additional affirmations for wealth and prosperity to either use or modify for your specific situation.

  • I attract prosperity

  • I have the power to attract money
  • I absolutely attract abundance
  • I attract prosperity like a powerful magnet

  • I create prosperity in my life

  • I have the power to be successful

  • I can be prosperous

  • Abundance flows to me

  • I deserve success

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Jonathan Parker is the author of The Soul Solution. He is a spiritual counselor with more than 30 years of experience teaching energy healing and enlightenment. The founder of Quantum Quests International, Inc., he is the creator of one of the largest libraries of personal growth audio recordings with over 10 million copies sold worldwide He lives in Oak View, CA.

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