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How to claim & attract Your Prosperity

Claim your prosperity now!

I have always believed in asking for what I wanted, actually that is not totally true, because of pride I never liked asking for what I wanted so I have heard the word “arrogant” around me a few time :-)  How to claim & attract Your Prosperity icon smile as I have learned to claim what I wanted. So, how you are asking it is of utmost importance too. The clearer and firmer you are, the easier it will be for the Universe to provide you with what you desire by attracting more abundance and prosperity.

In her classic book, The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity, Catherine Ponder dedicates a whole chapter on what she calls the Law of Command. We have to ask but not in a needy, begging, pleading way. The goal is to be clear and firm yet with gratitude and humility (which took me much longer to learn than the claiming part). This is probablywhyit is difficult for most of us to find the right “tone”.

Statement of Claim to attract Prosperity & Abundance

I rightfully claim upon the abundance of the Universe. I agree to boldly ask Source for what I want and be clear about it. I know I deserve and am readytoreceive all my demands and more NOW!. I agree to declare this Truth everyday in every way and keep my mind, and all my senses receptive knowing the Universe is always sending me prosperous ideas and resources that are only waiting to be acted on.

I agree to accept myself as worthy of the best this life has to offer, knowing that I live in Gratitude of all that I receive and will lovingly share it with others. I agree to show respect and treat everybody with dignity and integrity. I agree to keep my spirit high by keeping an optimistic and prosperous attitude that will be contagious for others.

Use as is or modify for your own needs but affirm it now! Otherwise why would you receive it. We’re not “owed” anything but we deserve everything. The Universe works by attraction and the magnet respond only to energy. This is why the WAY we ask is crucial. Just put yourself in the shoes of the Universe. If I come to you and say. Oh Lord!, I am so tired of this ….if you could only give me a break here, that would be very nice of you…

What’s wrong with that?

A lot actually!

  1. The tone itself is closer to begging. What am I saying really there. I don’t have control or power over my life? How does it feel, not great hey? The fact is the vibration level, while not at the bottom of the scale isn’t very high either.
  2. It’s vague, not clear. You want a BREAK, ok. How about getting sick, losing your job…that would certainly fit the description?
  3. It’s mushy and wimpy. Do you respect wimpy, mushy demand coming your way? No you ignore them or turn them away. The Universe is no different?

Actually, the Universe is perfectly neutral it only responds to our level of vibration. It doesn’t even respond to our spoken words (hence why the success rate of affirmations is quite low), unless of course they are perfectly aligned with their corresponding vibratory level.

It is no different then the Law of Gravity. “It” doesn’t go around and wonder; Hmm! I think I going to let this one float today. It just is and it applies to everything, everywhere and every time.

The Law of attraction is the same. It just is and will bring to you only what is in vibrational alignment with you. “Please give me a break” is very, very different than;

I am ready to receive ______________ (the solution to solve your problem) knowing that in your infinite intelligence you have in your sleeves something that is beyond my capacity to imagine at this stage so I surrender to you knowing that in your infinite love and abundance you wish the best for me.

This is just a simple and generic example on how to state your claim. Lets see if we can make something even more specific assuming you have health issues.

I claim my perfect health right here, right now. I know that in Source’s eyes there is no other possibilities than perfect health. I am open right here and right now to receive my gift of perfect health in whatever form that is most beneficial to me. I am grateful to know that simply by asking and let it flow to me it is already done. Thank you

Do you really know what you want?

The paradox in claiming and asking what you want is how to be specific yet not fixating on details or the “how to’s”. The paradox is that it has to be specific yet flexible. The key is to focus on the feeling or emotions you are looking for, not the “things” that you think will bring you resolve. Whatever the issue is, money, health, relationship, by looking deeper you will realize that everything falls under one or more of the 7 attributes of God/Spirit; Love, Life, Light, Peace, Power (not force but inner power), Beauty, Joy.

  1. Focus on what you REALLY need more of in your life, not from the outside but from the inside using these 7 attributes.
  2. Leave the details of the how’s to the Universe. This is were you put your trust and faith in the knowing that this infinite intelligence knows what is best for you. So if you have health issues, the solution might come from the resolution of long time conflict or a self worth issue, focusing on what vitamin/supplement to take is simply going back to limiting yourself. The point is we just really don’t know, otherwise we would not be in the situation we want out of. Enter into the realm of trust, humility, leaving the EGO out and trust in the higher powers.
  3. Specific, yet it has to also be beleivable by your subconscious. If you need $100,000 it is good to be that specific make sure to leave the details to Spirit and I would end the statement ” or more”. Again you don’t know. It might come as an investment of $200KÂ into your business for a 50% interest. It could be 2 people giving you $50K worth of their expertise. Always be open, alert and ready to take action on what comes your way. This is where your intuition comes in.
  4. Focusing on how it should looks like, is stating that you know better than Source. All it will bring you is more challenges, delays until you refocus on the core issue which is your Soul’s expression.
  5. Read more here on how to manifest your dreams into reality

I really enjoy your feedback. Share your thoughts. Fire up!

  • Did it helped you refine your demands?
  • What part of it would you like me to elaborate more?
  • What questions do you have?
  • Will you claim your prosperity now?

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  • Julie Mann

    I enjoyed reading this blog; it’s always good to be reminded of the Law of Attraction. We are all constantly affirming things about ourselves and life on an unconscious level. The smart thing to do is to let go of any beliefs that literally ‘limit’ us on a day to day basis, so that we are open to attracting what we want. To transform some of your limiting beliefs, before doing the exercise outlined, check out this link above. Have an abundant 2011. Thank you. Julie Mann, the Habit Fixer

    • ProSpirity

      Thanks for the exercise Julie.I am also a fervant of EFT. Always amzed by how effective such “simple” technique can be.

  • julius from loving life

    Thank you! Very helpful and it’s funny is that
    you expanded in a well worded way what I have known for a long time
    about conversations with people that can just make you feel bad about
    your goals even before you’re started. I say avoid them or at least
    keep your goals/ventures secret until they can see your progress without

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